Complete Pellet Production Line

Panda Pellet Company undertakes the complete large-scale engineering design of biomass pellets production line at home and abroad. It adopts advanced level of foreign countries, learns from foreign countries and forms unique technological process. The machine has compact structure and elegant appearance. It has large output and can work stably with low energy cost.
The raw materials of biomass pellets production line can be peat, waste woods, crop straw, etc. Waste woods produced by wood processing enterprises are difficult to be disposed. The emerging wood pellet industry solves that problem for shavings, sawdust and chips are the best materials of biomass pellets production. Pellet production is a complicated procedure and need main equipment and subsidiary equipment. Main equipment includes dryers, pulverizers and pellet mills. Subsidiary equipment includes dust removal equipment, storage devices, coolers, screeners, conveyors, packing machines, etc.


The engineering projects of biomass pellets production line

Province Annual Output (t)
Hebei 20,000
Neimeng 10,000
Tianjin 10.000
Jiangsu 50,000
Guangdong 100.000
Hebei 100,000
Jiangxi 50,000

Features of Biomass Fuels

Panda Pellet Company is specialized in manufacturing complete biomass pellets production line. It offers machines, like shredders, three rotors hammer flakers, Dryers, pellet mills conveyers. In addition, it also provides dust-removal equipment, screeners and packing machines. The machines are sold well all over the world and they are imported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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