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  • Pellet Production LinePellet line mainly includes biomass pellet production line, wood pellet production line and rubbish derivation fuel production line. Biomass pellet making machine produces various biomass pellet fuel of European Union standard by coarse and fine shredding, delivery, storing, cooling and other crafts. This kind of fuel can be used...
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  • Briquette Production LineBriquette machines are used to produce biomass briquettes by a series of crafts, like coarse and fine shredding, drying, eliminating pollutants, forming, packing, etc. The briquettes are up to the standard of European Union and can be used for burning boilers and family heating. Briquette machines include the following subclass...

Our biomass fuel production line (wood pellet line) produces biomass fuel by coarse and fine shredding, delivery, storing, screening, packing and other crafts. The biomass fuel meets the standard of European Union and has many merits. The crop and straw fuel belong to biomass fuel. It has many advantages, like big density, high calorific value, low cost and environmental protection. Fuel produced by wood pellet line is also the ideal fuel for heating, burning, boiler and power generation. Our company is specialized in biomass fuel production line.

Subclass Products
According to the performance and application of machines of wood pellet line, they can be divided into shredder, Dryer, pellet mill, briquette press machine, cooler, dust-removal equipment, conveyor and packing machine. The idea of developing biomass fuel production line is to combine leading technology thought in the world with low-cost making in China together.

The wood pellet line is suitable for fuel factories, boiler factories, power plants, wood processing factories (particle board, fiber board, plywood, core-board, etc.) and furniture manufactories (floor board, timber board factories, wood frame houses, etc.). Machines for biomass fuel production line can also be used in agriculture (crops or sugarcane processing) and forestry station. In addition, the biomass forming line is utilized in packing factories, paper mills and municipal solid waste disposal.


Payment, Packing and Transportation

Beijing Panda Pellet Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing complete wood pellet lines. In addition, we also offer subsidiary machinery, like conveyor, dust-removal equipment, screener and packing machine. Our machines for biomass fuel production line are sold well all over the world, such as Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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