Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor runs on a special wear resistant floor and conveys the material to the upper section. The specifications of the scaper conveyor can be customized according to the capacity, site and shape of raw material and other specific situations. No matter what types the scraper conveyors are, they are almost the same in main structure and components. It consists of machine head, middle section and tail part.


Chain conveyors use the open chute as the part to bear materials. Scraper blades are fastened to the chain, which consist of scraper chain to pull constructional elements. As soon as the transmission part of machine head is started, chain wheel on the machine head axis will be driven to rotate. The circulatory operation of scraper chain drives material to move along the chute until materials are discharged at the head of the machine.

Payment, Packing and Transportation of Scraper Conveyor
We offer T/T and L/C payment.
Chain conveyors are packaged with waterproof polyethylene plastic film and wooden cases for external use. We adopt ocean shipping, land, air or sea-land transportation.

Panda Pellet Company introduces the advanced technology of wood pellet production at home and abroad. On the basis of absorbing and innovation, we develop our own biomass fuel production machines. In addition to chain conveyors, we also have three rotors hammer flakers, Dryers, pellet mills, coolers and other products. All these machines are manufactured in China. They are sold well all over the world.

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