Particle Board Production Line

Particle board is also called solid wood particle board. Wood and other materials are cut into chips with certain specification and then are dried. After adding cementing compound, hardener and water-proofing agent, chips are pressed at certain temperature. Compressed man-made board is particle board. The raw materials of particle board production line can be undersized logs, wood branches, residues from wood processing (wooden core, crushed veneers, endings of plywood and shavings) and so on. All these materials can be used to produce high quality particle boards with structures of gradual change and homogeneity by particle board making machines.

Products of particle board production line can be used for making furniture, construction, packing and internal decoration of vehicle and ships. It can also be processed for the second time to make all kinds of decorative sheets.


Machines of Particle Board Production Line
According to particle board production crafts, particle board making machines involve chipping machines, flakers, dryers, performing presses, transversal machines, hot presses, vertical and horizontal trimming machines, sanders, etc.

Technological Process of Particle Board Production Line
According to technique particle board making machine, its workshop sections include shavings preparation, drying and screening, glue regulating and supplying, applying glue, hot embossing, edge sawing, sanding, electronic control system, etc.

Panda Pellet Company has cooperated with top European manufacturers for over 30 years in the fields of wood processing, shaving board and particle board production line. It brings us with the vigor of quality and technology. Its equipment has gained world reputation and has formed its own user groups all over the world. The machines are imported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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