Briquette Press

Briquette Press

The briquette press is used to extrude waste materials, like wood and straw particles, paper, cloth, plastics, barks, sawdust etc. into briquettes. Briquettes are convenient to store, transport and burn. They are biomass fuel with high density. The cross sectional shapes of briquettes can be rectangle, octagon, hexagon, cylinder and so on.


Product Parameters

Type BPP-BP 125 BPP-BP 250 BPP-BP 500 BPP-BP 1000
Main Power (kw) 7.5 15 37 75
Capacity (kg/h) 100-125 200-250 400-500 800-1000
Dimension Length × Width × Height (mm) 1960 × 1880 × 950 1960 × 1880 × 1950 2000 × 2000 × 2100 2700 × 2200 × 2300
Weight (kg) 1200 1700 4500 6800

After-sale Service
According to requirements of customers, we can send engineer and translators for installation and adjustment of the briquette press. They will assure the stable operation of briquette equipment. In addition, they will offer training to users until users can operate machines proficiently. Based on the experience, they will train users to maximize the capacity under the condition of stable operation of briquette equipment.

Packing and Transportation
Briquette presses are packed with waterproof polyethylene plastic film and wooden cases for external use. We adopt ocean shipping, land, air or sea-land transportation.

Beijing Panda Pellet Company has been specialized in making briquette equipment. It has cooperated with top European manufacturers for over 30 years and with research institution of Nanjing Forestry University in wood pellet line for years. Briquette press machines of Panda Pellet Company possess independent intellectual property rights and have applied for the national patent.

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