Wood Pellet Line
Pellet Production Line

Briquette Production Line

Auxiliary Machinery

Dust Removal Equipment

  • Cyclone
  • Cyclone Cyclone separators are mainly used to get rid of solid particles and...
  • Bag Filter
  • Bag Filter The bag filter is a kind of dry-type dust filtration device. This...
  • Fan
  • Fan We produce two kinds of draught fans, one is the common...

  • Silo
  • Silo Biomass silos can be used to solve the problems of blocking during the feeding process, especially for soft materials. The texture of this kind of material is light and soft. Its mobility is bad. During the feeding process, blocking of material is very common. Biomass silos can assure the reliable feeding of hard branches, cornstalk, wood chips and so on. In addition, biomass storages are also suitable for soft rice and wheat straw...

  • Disc Screen
  • Disc Screen The roller screeners are suitable for screening chips, shavings...
  • Oscillating Screen
  • Oscillating ScreenOscillating screens are suitable for dry-type screening of industries...
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Vibrating ScreenThe vibrating screens work with the vibration caused by shock...
Packing Machine

  • Palletizing Robot
  • Palletizing Robot The robotic palletizer is used to carry small bags of pellet fuels...
Hot-Blast Furnace

  • Hot-Blast Furnace
  • Hot-Blast FurnaceHot-blast furnaces are used to provide dryers with hot air so that raw materials can be dried. The fuels of furnaces can be rice husks, straw, barks, bagasse, waste woods, sanding powder, pellet fuels, etc. In addition, the hot blast stove can also burn with compounds of biomass fuels and coal. According to different burning situations, hot-blast furnaces have some measures to take, like increasing the height of combustion chamber and...
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