Pellet Production Line

  • Shredder
  • Wood Waste ShredderThe pulverizer is used to cut up things like waste woods, pallets, plate edges, wood ends, barks, waste wood-based panels, concrete moldboards, waste veneers, packing boxes, coconuts, palms, and so on. Shredded materials can be used to manufacture ...
  • Three Rotors Hammer Flaker
  • Three Rotors Hammer FlakerThe three rotors hammer flaker is used to pound waste veneers, chips, barks, oversized flakes after screening, crop straw, fruit shells, board edges of wood-based panels, reed, cotton stalks, palms, coconuts, etc. into fine shaving. Shavings processed...
  • Dryer
  • DryerThe Dryer uses heat energy to reduce the moisture content of materials. By heating dryer machines, moisture of materials can vaporize and escape. In this way, we can get solid materials in specified humidity ratio. The purpose of drying is to use...
  • Pellet Mill
  • Pellet MillThe pellet mill is used to process the wood or straw particles into wood pellet fuel. Key components of the pellet press include modulator, commingler, electrical machine, circular mould, and compression roller...
  • Cooler
  • CoolerPellets out of pellet mill are hot. Coolers are utilized to lower the temperature of pellets to proper temperature. It offers convenience for packing, transportation and store of pellets...

Pellet production line mainly includes biomass pellet production line, wood pellet production line and rubbish derivation fuel production line. Biomass pellet making machine produces various biomass pellet fuel of European Union standard by coarse and fine shredding, delivery, storing, cooling and other crafts. This kind of fuel can be used for generating electricity in power station, burning biomass boilers and household biomass stoves. Our company is specialized in production complete pellet making machines. Our idea of making pellet production machines is to combine leading technology thought in the world with low-cost making in China together. It has obtained CE certificate.

Advantages of Pellet Making Machine

Subclass Products
Pellet production machines can be divided into shredder, dryer, pellet mill, briquette machine, cooler, dust-cleaning equipment, transportation equipment and packaging machinery.

Pellet making machines possess the characteristics of superior quality, advanced craft, timely service, large output, low-energy consumption and longevity. In addition, they are also convenient to use.

Application of Pellet Production Line
Pellet making machines are suitable for fuel factories, boiler factories, power plants, wood processing factories (particle board, fiber board, plywood and core-board) and furniture manufactories (floor board plants, wood door factories and wood frame houses). They can also be used in agriculture (crops or sugarcane processing) and forestry station. In addition, the products are utilized in packaging factories, paper mills and municipal solid waste disposal.

Payment, Packaging and Transportation
We offer T/T and L/C payment.
The pellet making machines are packaged with waterproof polyethylene plastic film and wooden cases for external use. We adopt ocean shipping, land, air or sea-land transportation.

Beijing Panda Pellet Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing complete wood pellet lines. In addition, we also offer subsidiary machinery, like conveyor, dust-removal equipment, screener and packing machine. Our machines for biomass fuel production line are sold well all over the world, such as Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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