Wood Pellet Manufacturing

Wood pellet fuel is also called biomass fuel. It is made of waste wood, straw and biomass materials. These raw materials are pressed by wood pellet machine. The pellets and briquettes processed by wood pellet production machines are with certain shapes and density. They can also be called biomass fuel. Wood pellet shows its unique advantages in practical applicability, feasibility, universality. It is considered to be new energy with large-scale development prospect in 30-50 years. The shapes of biomass fuel commonly involve pellets, briquettes and stick.


Features of Biomass Fuel Machine

Applications of Biomass Fuel
It is suitable for biomass stoves for family heating, power generation plants, biomass boilers, etc.

Panda Pellet Company is specialized in manufacturing complete biomass fuel production machines. The company has its users in China and abroad. It offers all kinds of machines, like shredders, three rotors hammer flakers, Dryers, pellet mills conveyers. In addition, it also provides dust-removal equipment, screeners and packing machines. Wood pellet machines are sold well all over the world and they are imported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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