Packing Machine

  • Jumbo Bag Packing Machine
  • Jumbo Bag Packing MachineBig bag packing machines are suitable for large-capacity packages of biomass pellet fuels. Jumbo bag packing machines are easy to use and can be set in narrow space. Many types are available to be customized. The function of system recovery...
  • Small Bag Packing Machine
  • Small Bag Packing MachineSmall bag packing machines are suitable for small-capacity packaging of pellets fuels. This machine can make the packaging reliable and practical. In addition, small packaging machines have the advantages of quickness, accuracy, economy...
  • Briquette Shrinking Packing Machine
  • Briquette Shrinking Packing MachineBriquette packing machines are used to put briquettes semi-automatically into plastic bags and seal with thermal shrink. Thermal shrink packing machines are advanced wood briquettes packing machine in the market now...
  • Wrapping Packing Machine
  • Wrapping Packing MachineBiomass fuels are put into small packaging bags. With the help of palletizing robots, those bags are stacked on the pallet. Wrapping packing machines use plastic films to wrap and clad packages on the pallet. Bags Packaged by wrapping...
  • Palletizing Robot
  • Palletizing RobotThe robotic palletizer is used to carry small bags of pellet fuels and palletize on the pallet automatically. It offers convenience to transportation and storage. The palletizing robot is suitable for large-tonnage pellet production...

In order to facilitate storage and transportation, reasonable specification of packaging machines should be designed for biomass fuels according to requirements. What's more, packing with polyethylene films, plastic package and woven bags can protect shapes of biomass pellets avoiding the damp. According to customers' requirements, we offer full-automatic, semi-automatic, jumbo bag and small bag packaging machines. They are used to pack biomass pellets and briquettes which have been produced.

Features of Packing Machine

Principle of Packing Machine
When packaging machines are working, materials fall into vibratory feeder via the silo and vibrate with feeder at the rate of 50Hz. They flow into the weighing bucket equally. When the weight of materials is equal to measuring value, feeding is stopped and weighting is finished.

Payment, Packing and Transportation
We offer T/T and L/C payment.
Packaging machines are packed with vacuum waterproof polyethylene plastic films, and wooden cases for external use. We adopt ocean, land, air transportation or joint sea-and-rail transportation.

The Panda Pellet Company has cooperated with biomass-based fuel research institution of Nanjing Forestry University for years. According to materials with different properties, it has developed different packaging machines, like jumbo bag packing machines, small bag packing equipment, briquette shrinking package machines, etc. Packaging equipment is sold well all over the world and they are imported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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