Wood Pellet Production Line

Beijing Panda Pellet Company is specialized in manufacturing complete equipment for wood pellet line. Wood pellet fuel adopts waste materials of agriculture and forestry as its main raw materials. They go through a series of crafts, like chipping, shredding, removal of impurity, fine shredding, screening, mixture, softening, tempering, extruding, drying, cooling, quality testing, packing, etc. And then they can become environmental protection fuel. Wood pellet fuel has high calorific value and can be fully burned. As fuel for boilers, it can burn for a long time. Furnace temperature is high with intensify combustion of this fuel.

Advantages of Wood Pellet Line

Wood pellet fuel is suitable for all kinds of stoves. It can be used in countries, town, work units and households. It is the ideal fuel for heating, bathing, burning boilers and straw power stations. It is a kind of clean and low-carbon recycle energy and is helpful to environmental protection. Therefore, it can be used to replace fossil energy.

Features of Wood Pellet Fuel

Panda Pellet Company. undertakes the complete large-scale wood pellet fuel production line in China and abroad. Machines of wood pellet production line adopt advanced level of foreign countries, learn experience from foreign countries and form its own unique technological process. Production capacity of the equipment can reach international level of the same industry. Its machines are sold well all over the world.

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