Palletizing Robot

Palletizing Robot

The robotic palletizer is used to carry small bags of pellet fuels and palletize on the pallet automatically. It offers convenience to transportation and storage. The palletizing robot is suitable for large-tonnage pellet production line. It has the merits of high efficiency, saving labor and good quality palletizing.



palletizing robot system
controller cabinet and corresponding Chinese and English system software
service cable (reality « controller cabinet )
profibus interface card
foundation of the robot
gripping apparatus
safety fence
pallet target delivery system
target localization device
manual sending pallets conveyor line
exiting pallet conveyor line
pallet palletizing localization conveyor line
turn-over steering conveyor
once upper roll-in conveyor
upper and lower belt roll-in conveyor
localization gripping conveyor line
electrical control system
system design and programming

Payment, Packing and Transportation of Robotic Palletizer
We offer T/T and L/C payment for robotic palletizer.
Palletizing robots are packaged with vacuum waterproof polyethylene plastic films, and wooden cases for external use. We adopt ocean, land, air transportation or joint sea-and-rail transportation.

Panda Pellet Company has cooperated with biomass-based fuel research institution of Nanjing Forestry University for years. According to materials with different properties, it has developed different packing machines, like palletizing robots, wrapping packing machines and so on. Products are sold well all over the world and they are exported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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