We produce two kinds of draught fans, one is the common centrifugal fan and the other is the roots high pressure fan. Common fans are used to convey materials and collect dust. Roots high pressure fans are suitable for long-distance conveying of materials.

Centrifugal Fan
This kind of draught fan uses inputted mechanical energy to increase gas pressure and discharge gas. The fan is a kind of driven tridimensional machinery. This fan consists of impeller, bearing, axle, suction chamber, main case and sealing device. It has advantages of high efficiency, low-energy cost and noise as well as long running time. In addition, gas conveyed by the draught fan doesn't contain oil. It covers small area and can be installed and maintained easily.

High Pressure Fan
The draught fan refers to wind pressure within 30kPa~200KPa and compression ratio within 1.3~3. With boosting value of roots blower above 49KPa, centrifugal fans can be classified as the high pressure roots blower. It is small in size and has high efficiency. What's more, it can work stably with its good performance and has long service life.
Two non-contact rotors of the draught fan move reversely at the same speed in the cylinder. Airflows are pushed from one side to the other. When the high-speed airflow moves to the air outlet, high pressure airflow moves back. At this time, pressure of working volume is suddenly increased and gas is discharged. Shaft ends of rotors of centrifugal fan have the synchromesh gear, which keeps two rotors meshing. Indentation parts of rotors and inner wall of the cylinder make up working volume. The rotor takes away gas from admission part of draught fan during rotation. Two rotors work alternately. The pressure in internal chamber can rise by increasing power, enhancing rotor set, enlarging volume, advancing rotating speed and adjusting impeller clearance.

Payment, Packing and Transportation
We offer T/T and L/C payment.
Draught fans are packaged with vacuum waterproof polyethylene plastic films, and wooden cases for external use. We adopt ocean, land, air transportation or joint sea-and-rail transportation.

Panda Pellet Company has cooperated with biomass-based fuel research institution of Nanjing Forestry University for years. According to materials with different properties, it has developed different dust removal equipment, like cyclone separation, bag filters, and draught fans. Our machines are sold well all over the world and they are exported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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