The 7th Malaysia ASEAN Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

The Panda Pellet Equipment in Kuala Lumpur Developing Southeast Asian Market Brings Good News

Our company participated in the 7th Malaysia ASEAN Woodworking Machinery Exhibition which lasted four days with pellet mill, three rotors flakers, etc. It concluded perfectly on September, 26th. It is the first time for our company to display and promote wood pellet production machines in Southeast Asia region. We gain strong market response and good results.
ASEAN international woodworking machinery is the sole trade fair of woodworking machinery industry in ASEAN. It is fully approved by woodworking industry union of Malaysia and offers the opportunity platform for woodworking. Malaysia is a strong export country in woodworking products. The export of furniture increased 7.8﹪ in 2006.The market of furniture export in Malaysia is diverse. It has strong growth in Saudi Arabia, India, China, Germany, Kuwait and America. WTM provides the most professional trade environment and the greatest number of professional visitors. It is a perfect opportunity to directly face enterprise policymakers.
The 7th Malaysia ASEAN Woodworking Machinery Exhibition is held at Putra World Trade Center on September, 22nd. The gross area of the exhibition is 15,000㎡. There are about 400 enterprises from 25 countries and regions attending the exhibition. The number of visitors reaches 15,000.
Our company mainly displays shredders, three rotors flakers, dryers, pellet mills, briquette presses and other main equipment for wood pellet production machines. The first display achieves unexpected strong response. Many visitors show great interest to wood pellets, pellet mill, as well as three rotors flakers and are very confident of the development prospect of the emerging industry in the Southeast Asia region.
Malaysia has rich timber resources with 76% forest coverage rate. The government of Malaysia enacts many measures to encourage enterprises to invest and develop down-stream products of wood. It urges wood industry to finish the transformation from single wood processing to the processing, manufacturing, and researching and development of wood. Wood products industry gains booming development, like furniture, floor, man-made boards, pallets, artwares, etc.
That is the reason why there is so much wood waste. The output of shavings, sawdust, brush wood, barks, plate edgings, waste veneers is enormous. Many wood manufacturers are bothered with the treatment of waste wood. A great deal of waste is piled up on the spot except a small amount waste is used to burn boilers. As waste is piled up, they may influence the continuous production. Some forestry companies have to spend money in cleaning the waste. They are unwilling to cast waste away, but they can not find good ways to dispose these waste materials.
Wood pellet production machines emerge as the times require. Wood processing enterprises in Malaysia see the new hope of making good use of waste materials and creating income with low energy. All these waste wood can be processed into new type energy by cleaning, shredding, drying and pressing. The clean and environmental fuel has high heat value and can be fully burned. It can be used to replace coal. The fuel is suitable for the thermal power generation and boilers combustion. It is exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe, America and other developed countries.
Our equipment like shredders and briquette presses can recycle the waste, which points out new direction for waste wood treatment of wood industry in Malaysia. Many customers talk about their waste problems with us deeply, like shapes of raw materials, processing methods, the production cost of wood pellets, sales market, etc. We answer their questions one by one. Customers get satisfactory replies and express strong desire for cooperation.
Visitors from Singapore, Philippines, India, Romania, etc. also show keen interest in wood pellet production machines. They communicate with us actively and invite us to their countries and regions for exhibitions.
Although the four-day exhibition is over, enthusiasm of Malaysian people will never fade. It’s not an end, but a beginning for us to develop the market of Southeast Asia region.

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