The 18th Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China

Energy Utilization of Furniture Waste is Becoming a Trend

The 18th Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China has been held from September 11th, 2012 to 14th. Beijing Panda Pellet Company participated in the exhibition with the briquette press and the shredder. It is the second time to show our equipment at furniture industry exhibition after taking part in the 14th China Beijing International Furniture & Woodworking Machinery Exhibition in December last year. The Shanghai international furniture exhibition has unprecedented scale. Our participation achieves unexpected effect.
The 18th Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China is held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Its gross area of exhibition reaches 71,000 square meters, which is the largest among exhibitions in history. Elites from nationwide furniture industry gather here. The exhibition provides a platform for display and promotion of furniture production equipment.We display two machines, the briquette press and shredder.
Briquette is used to extrude shavings, sawdust and other waste from furniture production into bulky briquettes in high density through the hydrocylinder. These briquettes are easy to be stored, transported and burned. The shredder can be used to shred plate edgings, waste man-made boards, pallets and other irregular wood materials. Shredded materials can be utilized to make briquettes, man-made boards or directly used for burning boilers.
The combination of the two machines provides a best solution to waste woods for furniture manufactures. Waste woods are shredded by the shredder and then are extruded into environmental fuel by the briquette press. This kind of fuel is of high heat value and is easy to be store and transport. Manufacturers are self-sufficient and save the expense of coal. In addition, it can avoid dust pollution of workshops caused by conveying waste such as sawdust. Briquettes are clean environmental energy. Wood pellets are used to replace coal, which can solve the exceeding boilers emission once and for all.
Furniture manufacturers at the exhibition approve our advanced idea. Many environmental dust removal companies talk with us in detail. They think the combination of shredding and press can completely match their dust removal system and wish stable long-term cooperation.
Customers from Pakistan, Russia, Malaysia, etc express strong cooperation desire on the spot.
Two successful exhibitions of furniture machinery prove that the shredder and briquette press have unique advantages and broad development prospect in the overall treatment of waste woods for energy utilization. We are grateful to colleges for their recognition and support. We will make persistent efforts to provide more excellent equipment and make contribution to wood pellet production line.

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