The 2nd China International Forestry Industry Fair

Panda Pellet Attending Forestry Fair Displayed Flakers Gaining High Praise

The 2nd China International Forestry Industry Fair and the 4th China Yiwu International Forest Products Fair is held in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province from November 1st to 4th. At the invitation of Forestation Department of State Forestry Bureau, we are horned to attend the exhibition. Our self-developed three rotors flakers are displayed at forestry biomass fuel area of national theme pavilion. It arouses great interest of friends in forestry industry and gained high praise.
China International Forestry Industry Fair is approved by the State Council. It is founded by State Forestry Bureau and is held every four years. The exhibition regards showing industry achievements, reviewing industry teams, expanding communication and cooperation, promoting transformation and upgrading as its tenet and forestation to enrich people, enjoying green low carbon life as its theme. It shows new achievements of forestry industry development and builds trade and communication platform for forest products. The exhibition is the international forestry cooperation and communication event in China with highest specifications. There are more than 2000 participation enterprises. It has 4519 stands of international standards. The exhibition area is over 80,000 square meters with more than 30,000 kinds of commodities. The forestry industry fair and forest products fair are held at the same time. The scale and influence of the exhibition are greatly improved.
The forestry biomass fuel area of national theme pavilion mainly displays all kinds of biomass solidifying fuel, liquid fuel and relevant production equipment. Our company shows three rotors flakers which are the core shredding facilities for wood pellet production line.
The machine absorbs the technology of the same equipment in Europe and America and adopts new design concept. Three rotors installed inside of the hammer flakers rotate relatively. Two rotors rotating in high speed pound the materials and the center rotor grind crushed materials to proper sizes. The shapes of shavings can be controlled by different screeners. High wear-resisting hammers interplay with grinding blades and grind materials into craft shavings. Compared to traditional hammer flakers, the energy cost can be lowered over 40%. Three rotors flakers are the best shavings making type for oversized shavings, plate edges, chips, waste veneers, straw, bagasse, barks and other agricultural and forestry waste. The machine can be widely used in shaving boards, wood pellet fuel, etc.
Leaders of forestry related departments and experts shows great interest in three rotors flakers. They talk about technical features and practical problems, like production efficiency, power consumption, structure principle, forming shapes, material adaptability, etc. They all agree that three rotors craft structure break the stereotype of shredders in wood industry, fundamentally solving the technological problems of low capacity, high energy cost, bad shapes and narrow application in shredding agricultural and forestry waste.
We are delighted to find that friends in forestry industry present more practical attitude towards wood pellet. The forestry departments of provinces and cities with rich forest resources are optimistic to the development prospect of the wood pellet project. They show great confidence to the investment of large-scale wood pellet production line. They also discuss with us in detail how to process their local forest resource into wood pellets. After the exhibition, we design detailed technical proposals according local conditions respectively. We hope to make greater contribution to the energy utilization of agricultural and forestry waste in our country.

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