2011 The 14th China Beijing International Furniture and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

Recycling Waste Materials-Unexpected Surprise for Furniture Manufacturers

The 14th China Beijing International Furniture and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition is held at Beijing International Exhibition Center from December 9th to December 11th. Panda Pellet Company attends the exhibition with two machines for waste wood manufacturing and processing: the shredder (pulverizer) and the wood briquette press, which gain warm market response.
In the past 14 years, Beijing Furniture Exhibition has become the most mature and famous brand exhibition in northern China. The items on display include furniture, home accessories, raw materials and parts, woodworking machinery and all kinds of wood products. Since 2008, affected by subprime crisis abroad, many manufacturers have turned to do domestic sale, making secondary and tertiary domestic cities as sales market. In recent years, the economy of the northern inland has developed rapidly and people’ living standard has been improved. The demand of furniture market in Peking and Tianjin districts, especially north China, keeps growing, which offers enormous development space for furniture industry. Because of the depressed market in south and coastal region, large numbers of southern manufacturers pay their attention and invest capital to the north. The exhibition hall area of Xianghe Furniture City, the largest furniture distributing center in the north, exceeds 1,500,000 square meters. It attracts more than 4000 manufacturers with hundreds of famous brand furniture products in China. Nowadays, Beijing and its surrounding area have become the best furniture consumer markets in China.
The furniture manufacturing is inevitable to produce vast leftover bits and pieces, shavings, sawdust and other waste woods. Every manufacturer is bothered by the problem of waste woods. Many factories use these materials to burn boilers. However, the moisture content of waste woods is high, so heat value is low. What’s more, bulky materials in complicated shapes cause inconvenience for storage, transportation and feeding. Large quantities of resource are wasted. Considering this situation, our company specially displays two machines, the shredder and the wood briquette press, which are used to dispose waste woods from furniture manufacturing.
The shredder is used to cut materials into pieces, like waste woods, side strips, pallets, waste man-made boards, crop straw and other wastes in irregular shapes. These pieces can be used to produce man-made board, wood pellet fuel or as fuel for power plants and boilers.
The wood briquette press is utilized to extrude crushed woods and straw into bulky wood briquettes with high density, which is easy to be stored, transported and burnt.
The combination of the two machines provides a best solution to waste woods for furniture manufacturers. Waste woods are grinded by the shredder and then are extruded into environmental fuel by the wood briquette press. This kind of fuel is of high heat value and is easy to be stored and transported. Manufacturers can not only be self-sufficient but also can sell needless briquettes at the higher price than waste woods. This best solution attracts attention from furniture manufacturers. Famous brand manufacturers at home and abroad, for example Mongolian, Russian come to our production base for visiting after the exhibition and we reach good cooperation intentions.
Woodworking machinery area of the exhibition mainly displays all kinds of routers, engraving machineries, coating machines, drying equipment, tools and machinery parts. The two machines of our company on display are warmly welcomed. It reflects that energy use of waste woods in China has a broad development prospect. Persistent efforts are still needed on the road of recycling the wastes.

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